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Broad “the storage quantity market + increase market” lets the enterprise be confident

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 Some information displayed that the Japanese intelligence chamberpot popular rate reaches as high as 80%, but our country market share has 2% only. How to understand that is left over 98% market space, west Ma Chairman assistant Li Baocong uses “the storage quantity market + increase market” to analyze.

 Storage quantity market: So long as has the construction place inevitably to have the bathroom, has the bathroom to need the chamberpot inevitably, this has provided the contingency for the intelligent chamberpot. The intelligent chamberpot in domestic had 20 years, but the market capacity is low, thus the storage quantity space is very big. Even if is not the newly built house has the chamberpot equally, may install the intelligence equally then to cover, then covers the capacity in Japan to be bigger than a body intelligence chamberpot far.

 Increase market: Increase market including two class group bodies; first, buys homes the user newly; second, carries on the user to the house who two times repair, they have the possibility to buy the intelligent chamberpot, and integration intelligence chamberpot majority.

 At present the intelligent chamberpot penetration coefficient quite high area mainly concentrates in Northeast, North China, East China, southwest. On the one hand the economic development influence, another side and the factory promotion also has the very big relations, recently protected the bath brand basically also kills these areas first, rips open a national broader market by this.
 Facing the broad storage quantity market and the increase market, various enterprises are also itching for a fight, through many kinds of mode reserve emulation chip.

 The giant market cake lets a numerous intelligent chamberpot enterprise be ambitious, but horizontally the awkward marketing channel actually lets the numerous enterprise quite headaches between the product and the consumer.

 In market popular rate very high Japan, South Korea, the intelligent chamberpot ownership electrical appliances domain, sees here and there in the supermarket which lives with the people are closely linked, sells the field and so on, and evolves the phase by the product popularization which updates to the iteration. Is partitioned in our country intelligence chamberpot in the building materials channel, this is a low frequency consumer market. Speaking of the product sole specialized intelligence chamberpot enterprise, under the line channel's development needs to put in the massive manpower and resources financial resource, this brings not the small pressure for the preliminary development's these Taizhou Enterprise. It is known that these specialized intelligent chamberpot enterprise channel center of gravity online, at present the scale is not big, opens several exclusive agencies or the experience shop generally, the product not yet wide range arriving at the audiences.
 in 2015 the profession has been full of various colors, has the profession whole murky gray, has the intelligent chamberpot to subdivide the domain to erupt fiery red, has a broad market piece of blue sea, also has the boundless fog color which the channel is blocked temporarily. But regardless of what kind of color, we looked at the industrial upward strength. Peeps a spot to see the overall picture, in 2016 the intelligent chamberpot industrial development is worth anticipating.


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