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Chinese intelligence health bath development

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The Chinese intelligence health bath development must summon the profession standard, but lives at the domain road of the standardization as if always “the slow half racket”, market prescience, after the standard, thought. For instance 2015 intelligent horse bung upsurge, makes burial figures from the beginning of the year Wu Xiaobo beginning, raises to during two durations for the national stratification plane topic, the intelligent horse bung incident fermented continually for more than one year, until now still could not stop the vehicle. Period, although "Intelligent Health Bath Standard And Standard" waited for news which appeared early last year on widely the person knowledge, but end of the year already cross, still had not fallen to the ground, this meant after the Chinese intelligence Wei Yu road of standardization was also the market prescience, the standard, thought.

At present had many profession associations, the development facility and the health bath enterprise participates in GB code formulating positively. on December 1, 2015 official implementation "Water-preservation Health Sanitary equipment" standard, is by the national construction sanitary earthen ware standardization Technical committee, the national construction sanitary earthen ware quality surveillance test center coordination, professions and so on permanent clean Wei Yu command troops the enterprise to participation draft. Similarly is the above organization and the enterprise drafts "Sanitary earthen ware" GB code, also officially will implement in October 10, 2016.

 Comparatively, at the beginning of 2015 declared “in the hopeful year appears” "Intelligent Health Bath Standard And Standard" not yet appear, feels slightly unavoidably Wei Yujie disappointedly, at present still the collective raised the head hoped. According to the authoritative source will explain, sends for approval State Council "Intelligent Health Bath Standard And Standard" will break ceramic and the electric appliance two big profession standard barriers, will refer to the original ceramics national standards, will integrate the electronic hardware product each index standard, fusion intelligence Wei Yu in production aspect actual situation quantity body making, after official implementation, powerfully will boost the Chinese intelligence health bath healthy development.

 According to the Chinese intelligence chamberpot market development present situation, as well as the domestic water quality including impurity many situations, is should temporary encourage the technical tradition Chu Re the type, reaches one's goal instantly stimulation technology more advanced namely hot -like? Regarding this, the intelligent health bath profession once viewpoint varied, “easy to multiply the germ about the water tank” the question, also once caused the consumer widely to pay attention, until last June 20th session of Shanghai international kitchen health exhibition period, permanent clean Wei Yu the fourth generation of intelligence chamberpot redefined the intelligent chamberpot standard by six big upgrades, only then calculated that basically had the mutual recognition: Namely hot -like surpasses Chu Reshi. This kind of mutual recognition, is the intelligent chamberpot standard with the result which the big enterprise walks. At present, every is the Chu Reshi intelligent chamberpot, belongs to the early technology improvement or the upgrade.
 The intelligent chamberpot market was greatly hot, the intervenor who acted boldly regardless of one's safety are many, the quality safeguard will become the major problem possibly. In fact, 2015 health bath quality question saw the press repeatedly, on September 25 the Shanghai Quality monitoring Bureau spot-check 10 raid of intelligent chamberpot has 2 raids not to be unqualified, on November 24 Guangzhou Examination Quarantine Bureau examination detected that 4 raid of import intelligence horse bung has 2 raids not to be unqualified, the Qingdao Huangdao District Examination Quarantine Bureau has also spot-checked 9 batch of import intelligence horse bung, has 7 batch not to be unqualified unexpectedly.

 It is known that the country as early as namely has released "Construction Sanitary earthen ware Profession Admittance Standard" in 2013, but intelligent health bath domain not such admittance standard. Certainly, in 2015 lives at profession each kind of standard or the standard not only points to the green environmental protection, also pays attention to the quality. For instance on July 1, the National Quality testing Bureau releases "Product quality Country Surveillance To spot-check Certified product Production enterprise Post-processing Work Stipulation" the official execution, is for the purpose of supervising the enterprise to carry out the product quality main body responsibility.


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