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Is the Japanese intelligence horse bung spot-check nearly most likely why unqualified?

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Crosses the seas to cross ocean Japan, actually has brought back to a horse bung, the people is also spells, worships foreign countries the thought which curries favor with foreign powers to can be inferred. Then, the import horse bung really that is worth buying? The quality really than the domestic product? Slightly arranges the response is: Not depending on spectrum! Recently, the Qingdao Huangdao District Examination Quarantine Bureau altogether had extracted 9 batch of import intelligence horse bung, 7 batch are unqualified, the fraction defective reaches 78%, same imports the horse bung from Japan not to be able to escape by luck.

 Stipulated according to our country product nature mensuration that product labelling and the data plate, must examine the horse bung's import declaration form, the survey report and so on, the selection regular channel imported product. The regular imported product must have Chinese product function marking and the data plate, on the data plate must label the rated voltage, the nominal frequency, the fixed power input or the nominal current, the appliance specification model, the manufacture plant name or the credit corroborative in both urban and rural areas name, the trademark as well as the waterproof rank. Needs the key attention waterproofing rank the IP code, this code is IPX4 at least, because needs to use this kind of circular telegram product in the moist bathroom, must have the IPX4 waterproof rank to be able to feel relieved the use. “but, this batch of commodities have not been actually related marking, this explained that the importer unusual channel inventory, has the very big safety hidden danger to the consumer.”The yellow island examination quarantine bureau related staff said.

 Along with the people to the life quality pursue's promotion, the intelligent horse bung becomes many families the selections, but imports the intelligent horse bung is receives the consumer to favor day by day, so that the Spring Festival period appearance “the Japanese intelligence chamberpot coverlet people snatch emptily” reportage. Actually, the domestically produced intelligence horse bung has not imagined misses, the import “the imported goods” have not imagined good, moreover in the market import intelligence horse bung is all kinds, in the function, the performance, the outward appearance design and the price has the very big difference, moreover the quality was also the good and evil intermingled, the consumer has been charmed not by any means by own prejudice both eyes.

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