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Shower - G016A

  • G016A
Product range: Showers - G015A
Model: G015A

Shower, also calls the lotus the dishevelled hair, is originally one kind waters flowers, the bonsai and other plant's installment. Afterward some people will re-equip into may do shower, caused it to become the bathroom common installment.
Along with society's development, the numerous building materials professions also progress by leaps and bounds, facing the dazzling health bath product, how to select and purchase gratifying satisfaction the flower to sprinkle the nozzle?
The good flower sprinkles uses many years, the outward appearance and the new dissimilarity, the difference flower sprinkles very quickly tarnishes, this and the flower sprinkles the material quality and the surface treatment craft concern.

The design selects the main point:
1. The key point which the saving water function selects and purchases the flower sprinkles when must consider. Some flowers sprinkle use the steel ball valve core, and matches adjusts the hot water controller, may adjust the hot water to enter mixes water trough's inflow, thus enables the hot water to be possible to flow out accurately rapidly. This category of design quite reasonable flower sprinkles compared to the Pu decorated on all sides sprinkles saves water 50%. The flower sprinkles the multistage type function is mainly carries on the water leakage through the different exhalant pore the adjustment, achieves saving water the effect, the new water drenches the type flower to sprinkle may partition the water thousands of tiny like raindrops the water grain. The single laid-like flower sprinkles the most prominent saving water mode is the full concentration water column, although flushes powerfully, but each nozzle can reduce the water volume automatedly.
2. Next must note the flower to sprinkle whether easy clean.
3. The flower will sprinkle the fitting immediate influence to its use comfort level.
4. The flower sprinkles the product the design tendency is the combination configuration which the fixed flowered hydration hand-hold flower sprinkles, is also simultaneously separately installs fixed and the hand-hold flower sprinkles.
5. The flower sprinkles a category of product mostly by the plastic material quality primarily, the higher-end use silica gel.
6. The flower sprinkles besides the water leakage mode, but also has the energy conservation, from diverse functions and so on clean, constant water temperature.

Shower the product design idea


The good Shower uses many years, the outward appearance and the new dissimilarity, the difference flower sprinkles very quickly tarnishes, this and the flower sprinkles the material quality and the surface treatment craft concern.

About us

Xiamen three prosperous health bath science and technology Limited company located at Chinese Health Bath Product Priority production Base - scenery beautiful Binhai city Xiamen. The company is situated in Xiamen with the peaceful industrial district, with bright road 58, adjoins to the Xiamen harbor and the Xiamen Gaoqi international airport, the good communications.
Three prosperous health baths specialized devote to the hot-water heat, the health bath sanitary equipment's research and development and the production. We have one batch of outstanding health bath sanitary equipment research and development and the production team, depends on the scientific innovation superiority, key development high quality health bath sanitary equipment product. The product including the faucet, the flower sprinkles, the erector, the PP lap, the UF lap, the water tank, the water tank fitting and the hardware processing. The company provides the OEM project cooperation for the client, products outlet Canada, Australia, countries and the zone and so on Ou Zhou and Association of Southeast Asian Nations, we have obtained the good enterprise goodwill by the high quality product and the service.

Management idea:

The practical good faith development innovation is highly effective

Quality policy:

As reveres the quality first cost reduction efficiency promotion innovation improvement take the guest

Product characteristic:

Factory outward appearance:

We serve:

We receive “, the good faith, the development, the innovation practically, highly effective” the objective, insisted that “the quality for this, serves supremely” the management idea, provides a higher quality product wholeheartedly for the general clients, a finer service. Welcome the domestic and foreign clients to arrive personally the instruction, the discussion cooperation zealously, conspires the development!
Since the company has been founded, the service vigorous development, the strength expand unceasingly, at present had the mature modernized running water production line and the laboratory. Three prosperous Wei Yu pays great attention the product the quality, the product undergoes the strict examination, guaranteed that the product the functionality, the security and the usability, simultaneously we very pay great attention to design and the technical innovation, the introduction front fashion European design style and the global leading health bath science and technology. We by the high quality quality, the modernized technology, are portraying company's image with all one's strength, makes three prosperous health bath brand, wins consumer's praise, helps the consumer to make, the safety, the saving water life style comfortably.

Contacts with us:

Company: Xiamen three prosperous health bath science and technology Limited company
Country (zone): China, Fujian
Address: Xiamen Tongan District with bright road 58
Zip code: 361100
Handset: +86-592-6089260 revolution 813
Contact person: Zhu Xiaojuan

Contact person: Miss Yao
Title: Business manager
Handset: +86-13606058783

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