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Shower - K128A

  • K128A
Product range: Shower - K128A
Model: K128A

How does the flower sprinkle selects and purchases?
Buys the flower to sprinkle must first look at the brand, the good flower sprinkles can guarantee each nozzle allocation basically 卝 the water volume same;
Next will look at the nozzle, the flower sprinkles for a long time with will have the boiler scale deposition unavoidably, if were unable to obtain the cleaning up, some nozzles will be stopped possibly up, design the excellent flowered good flower to sprinkle can guarantee basically each nozzle allocation 卝 the water volume same;
Looks at coating again, generally speaking, the flower sprinkles the surface to be more luminous exquisitely, coating craft processing is better;
Finally looks at the valve core, the good valve core makes with the degree of hardness extremely high ceramics, along slides, wear-resisting, ceases runs braves the dripping.

Shower the product design idea


The good flower sprinkles uses many years, the outward appearance and the new dissimilarity, the difference flower sprinkles very quickly tarnishes, this and the flower sprinkles the material quality and the surface treatment craft concern.

About us

Xiamen three prosperous health bath science and technology Limited company located at Chinese Health Bath Product Priority production Base - scenery beautiful Binhai city Xiamen. The company is situated in Xiamen with the peaceful industrial district, with bright road 58, adjoins to the Xiamen harbor and the Xiamen Gaoqi international

Management idea:

The practical good faith development innovation is highly effective

Quality policy:

As reveres the quality first cost reduction efficiency promotion innovation improvement take the guest

Product characteristic:

Three prosperous products including the faucet, the flower sprinkle, the erector, the PP lap, the UF lap, the water tank, the water tank fitting and the hardware processing. Simultaneously we pay great attention the product the quality, the product undergo the strict examination, guaranteed that the product the functionality, the security and the usability, simultaneously we very pay great attention to design and the technical innovation, the introduction front fashion European design style and the global leading health bath science and technology. We by the high quality quality, the modernized technology, are portraying company's image with all one's strength, makes three prosperous health bath brand, wins consumer's praise, helps the consumer to make, the safety, the saving water life style comfortably.


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