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The green manufacture, protects the bath profession ultimately

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The health bath profession does for traditional manufacture profession representative, extensive -like the production process has been denounced by the human, not only wears “three the hat high”, has the pollution seriously, the efficiency low question. In the current energy conservation reduces a row of situation sternly, under the environmental protection pressure unprecedented big conditions, the Chinese health bath profession future must walk the green manufacture the development path, can be able to survive, but this path at present still in exploration, but many enterprises had their view.

 Talks about the green manufacture, Dula the content the paramount consideration is “avoids”, only then can avoid first to the conditions causing the pollution, only then can speak the environmental protection; But when time which cannot avoid must reduce the pollution, reduces to the resource waste; If reduces has not been able to achieve, we must consider to use again, for instance to the water resources, the energy using the process, last step is the process again which the recycling loops again. This is the Dula content “the green manufacture” idea.

Three prosperous Wei Yu on the green manufacture link, pays great attention to worker's humanities concern, this kind of concern spirit is the green manufacture, on the one hand. In the enterprise, lets the staff understand that the company green manufacture the idea, lets the staff know in the green, the benefit energy conservation's education is very important. Chaozhou smooth ceramics mold manufacture Limited company General Manager the Chen Xu river believed that now “the low-carbon environmental protection” already had become the tidal current, but the ceramic health profession was still Gao Nenghao, the high pollution profession, if the energy conservation environmental protection does not well, will waste the resource, the pollution of the environment, to the entire profession's long-term development will be very disadvantageous. Therefore, the association must strengthen to the enterprise environmental consciousness bootstrap, may start first from the green manufacture.
“looking from the profession trend of development, we essential must produce the green product, from enhances the product the quality, the extension product service life, adds the product the function, enables its to make the best use of things, if the product can the period of revolution be longer, the energy consumption lowers like this is the biggest green, the biggest environmental protection, therefore the enterprise needs to do the product the essence, these to the green environmental protection, the green manufacture are most valid.”

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