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The intelligent manufacture, the robot time approaches

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 Along with science's and technology's development, the intelligent manufacture has also become the health bath profession main attack direction. Exerts oneself to develop the intelligent equipment and the intelligent product, the advancement production process intellectualization, the cultivation new production method, promotes the enterprise research and development, the production, the control and the service intellectualized level comprehensively, has become the health bath enterprise urgent matter. Mentions the intelligent manufacture, has no alternative but to say intelligence Wei Yu and the robot, although present intelligence Wei Yu with difficulty is also popular, but can blossom in radiant splendor surely false by the date and time, but the robot, has become in many health bath enterprise workshop together the pretty scenery.

 Recently, robot Cheng Weiyu enterprise “new favorite” the tendency is even more obvious, the domestic several large-scale health bath enterprise partial working procedures already began using the robot. Arrow sign Wei Yu ceramic spray glazing on many robots, the road has reached the group to begin using several dozens polishing polish robot, sea Wei Yu is constructing a 25,000 square completely automatic multi-layered storehouse; In a Zhejiang bathroom cabinet enterprise an automatic production line, nine herd Wei Yu also in a topology home most advanced automatic production line.


 It is reported that the robot may to the chamberpot surface treatment, the faucet, the water trough, the bathtub and so on act according to its contour to carry on the deburring, the sand blast, the wiredrawing and the polishing work, through the module data-, simultaneously uses the related charting application software, may implement the work piece robot automation flexibility precise polish processing, and achieves the effect is the surface treatment adds the project highly simulation. Moreover the robot job product compares artificially says standardized, the basically identical serial products is entirely alike.

 The professional said that the robot can begin using by the human one of primary causes is the labor cost is getting more and more expensive. Along with Chinese economy developed, people's economic level unceasingly is also enhancing, living condition's improvement also causes part of working conditions bad staff to advertize for with difficulty, even if is the life very poverty-stricken person are also very few the vision sends toward some in the human body harmful work to move, therefore regarding the health bath enterprise, the robot replaces artificially carries on the difficult work to become one tendency inevitably.

 China makes the industrial upgrading, cannot leave the technical promotion and the intelligent hauling. The intelligent manufacture and the green manufacture, make in 2025 circuit diagrams as China “two manufactures”, is towing China Wei Yu industrial structure to remould. In “two manufactures” under the impetus, the Chinese health bath starts to upgrade gradually reforming. Certainly, China Wei Yu road of structure restoration and the industrial upgrading, gets it done in one action by no means that must walk solidly, “the Chinese health bath development time is also quite short, the possible Chinese Enterprise's brand to precipitate did not have the overseas of brand to experience a lot. For more time for China the Enterprise, I believed that the Chinese Enterprise will not lose in the Foreign enterprise.”



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